Thoracic Cancer Surgery

Our expertise gives you access to a wide range of surgical treatment options.

Our thoracic cancer team has experience with many types and approaches to surgery to treat cancers such as lung cancer and thymoma. We tailor our surgical approach to your anatomy, tumor size and shape, and other health considerations.

Why should I have thoracic cancer surgery at Henry Ford?

Our expertise and approach to care set us apart. For example, we operate on patients who other hospitals consider inoperable. We evaluate the most complex cases to determine if patients may be candidates for surgery. We place great emphasis on successfully battling your cancer with the least invasive treatment possible. We do this in a few ways, including:

  • Robotic surgery: We use this minimally invasive and extremely precise approach to treat almost every type of thoracic cancer.
  • Tissue-sparing approach: Our goal with any thoracic cancer surgery is to save as much healthy tissue as possible.

Our team has comprehensive expertise in all types of thoracic cancer surgery, including lung cancer surgery and thymectomy.

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