Flat Feet

We offer non-surgical and surgical treatment for flat feet.

Flat feet (also known as flatfoot or pes planus) is a common defect in which there is no arch in the foot. You can be born with flat feet, or the condition can develop later in life because of other muscle or nerve conditions. Our podiatrists (foot care doctors) can diagnose flat feet with just a physical exam.

Adult acquired flatfoot

Adult acquired flatfoot is often painful deformity and generally gets worse over time. The condition is caused by gradual stretching of the tendon and ligaments that support the arch of the foot. Adult acquired flatfoot affects women four times as frequently as men. Hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and obesity also increase the risk of developing flat feet.

Treatment for flat feet

If flat feet cause pain, an orthotic (arch preserving insert in the shoe) may bring relief. These orthotics can be custom molded to properly support your foot. The podiatrist also may recommend trying different types of shoes or shoe padding or having you wear a brace or cast to keep the foot immobile.

If these treatments don’t help, we can perform surgery to alleviate your foot pain and restore the arches. The overall goal of treatment is to eliminate pain, stop progression of the deformity, and improve mobility.

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