1 Hour of Physical Activity

Physical activity goal

Aim for everyone in the family to get one hour of moderate physical activity each day - such as walking, dancing or hiking. Our bodies are made for motion, and we're at the top of our game when we get in gear!

Did you know?

  • If you are sedentary, you're setting yourself up for trouble - high blood pressure, poor circulation, digestive issues, stress, and the blues, not to mention many other illnesses that can shorten your lifespan.
  • It's never too late to become active! Studies have shown that 90-year-olds who previously were unfit and began to lift weights improved their cardiovascular health and built muscle mass in relatively short periods of time. You can greatly increase your odds of making it to age 90, happily and in good health, by finding a form of physical fitness you enjoy and making it part of your weekly regimen.


  • The pay-off for becoming fit is huge. Not only are you rewarded with more energy and increased strength and flexibility - you also enhance your heart health and brain function.
  • The "fit you" looks better and feels happier. Your metabolism gets a boost, enabling you to eat more and optimize your weight.
  • An added bonus: exercising regularly makes you hungry for healthy foods and drinks. High-calorie junk food loses its appeal.

Tips from Henry Ford LiveWell to increase physical activity

  • Consider the fun factor. Instead of viewing exercise as an obligation, look at it as an opportunity to enjoy time with family, friends or neighbors.
  • Gather the family for an after-dinner bike ride or walk around the block. Jog with your dog. Reconnect while burning up dessert calories.
  • Join a health club or enroll in a fitness class. If you lack time and resources, no worries. Work out at home with Zumba, yoga or stretching DVD's, videos or books checked out from your local library.
  • Sign the family up for a short road race or fun run a few months in advance. It will motivate you to walk and jog till you're in shape to go the distance. The race will be a memory-making day for all of you.

Things to do

  • For adults, moderate exercise of 30 minutes or more on most days of the week is recommended. Examples include taking a brisk walk, riding a bike and water aerobics.
  • Along with moderate exercise, moderate muscle strengthening is recommended. Some examples include lifting weights, doing push-ups or sit-ups, yoga, and gardening.
  • Celebrate special events, such as a birthday with something active, like a volleyball game, a hike or a trip to the park.
  • Make being active a game: count your steps with a pedometer. Have a family competition to see who can take the most steps.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Park far from the entrance when going to the mall or the grocery store.
  • Take a walk as a family after meals.
  • Turn up the music and DANCE!
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