QuickCare Clinic

Step up, Detroit, to our QuickCare Clinic.

New location: 45 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

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When you work downtown, you don’t have time for downtime. That’s why we built a bigger QuickCare Clinic, all for you. So you can get in, get out and get back to work. Whether a cold has you under the weather or your boss has you under stress, we offer treatments for minor injuries and illnesses, medical tests, vaccinations and other health services like women's health, dermatology and acupuncture.

And we’ve taken steps to minimize your waiting time. Choose a time that works for you, and reserve your spot in line. We promise to get you taken care of in under an hour. Our care is covered by most health insurance plans. QuickCare accepts credit or debit cards only for payment or copays.

quick care entrance

If you drive a vehicle to the clinic, there is convenient parking directly across the street in the Griswold garage. Tell the garage attendant you are visiting Henry Ford QuickCare, and pick up a free parking voucher from our concierge after your visit.


Walk-in clinic hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday–Friday.

In case of emergency, call 911.


Please note this healthcare clinic does not prescribe controlled substances.

The prices listed below are for self-pay patients. However, we accept many health insurance plans. If you would like to confirm your coverage, please contact your health plan.

  • Walk-In Services
    Treatment for the following illnesses and injuries (all services listed are billed at $85.00 for self-pay patients)
    • Cold/flu
    • Cough/bronchitis
    • Sore throat
    • Allergies
    • Earaches
    • Sinus infections
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Pink eye
    • Blood pressure check (no charge)
    • Minor cuts not requiring stitches
    • Insect bites
    • Sprains and strains
    • Removal of stitches or staples
    • Skin conditions
    • Minor low back pain
    Labs & Tests (pricing for each test is listed below)
    • TB skin test ($8)
    • Pregnancy test ($10)
    • Strep test ($19)
    • Strep follow up (free)
    • Urinalysis dipstick ($4)
    • Urine culture ($13)
    • Blood glucose test ($6)
    Vaccines* (pricing for each vaccine is listed below)
    • Hepatitis A ($99)
    • Hepatitis B ($89)
    • Hepatitis A & B ($124)
    • Flu shot ($25)
    • Tdap ($121)
    • HPV ($199)
    • Meningitis ($169)
    • MMR: Measles, mumps and rubella ($95)
    • Pneumonia ($113)
    For travel vaccines please contact our travel clinic directly
    Other Services
    • Sports physicals ($26)
    • Administrative and college physicals ($85)
    • EpiPen Refills ($26)
    • Motion sickness prevention ($26)
    • One-time medication renewals, non-controlled substances ($26)
    • Nebulizer treatments ($26)
  • Services Requiring an Appointment
    Center for Integrative Medicine - to schedule please call (313) 324-8177


    • Initial visit ($139)
    • Follow up ($88)
    Women's Health Services - to schedule please call (313) 324-8177

    Schedule an appointment with our board-certified nurse midwife for general obstetrics or gynecology care, birth control, screening or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and more. Individuals without health insurance are required to pay a $125 deposit for services.

    Telemedicine Services - for pricing information use the links below

    *Vaccine prices listed include a $29 vaccine administration charge. If more than one vaccine is administered, any additional vaccine will receive a discounted administration fee of $17.