Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation in Wyandotte

Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation at Henry Ford Wyandotte

Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation at Henry Ford Wyandotteprovides temporary around-the-clock care after a hospitalization. We offer a full range of services for ages 14 and older including medical and rehabilitative care, psychological support and social services.

Led by a highly trained and coordinated rehabilitation team, including board-certified doctors and nurses specializing in rehabilitation, we provide individualized treatment plans based on your medical condition, overall health and goals. We also offer a comprehensive stroke specialty program to help stroke survivors improve function and quality of life.

The only inpatient program Downriver with an international certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), we meet the highest quality standards among rehabilitation programs worldwide. We have high patient satisfaction scores and a proven track record with 85 percent of our patients returning home (instead of a nursing home).

Real-life rehabilitation tools at henry ford wyandotte

During inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation, you often have to relearn skills or adapt to new challenges. With both a Ford Escape SUV and a mock apartment onsite, you’re able to learn in a real-world setting.

  • Our training SUV allows you to practice getting in and out of the car, adjust the seat and seatbelt, and safely store a wheelchair or walker. If you have your own car, our physical therapists will move the training to your car a day or two before discharge.
  • Our training apartment replicates what you’ll encounter once home and allows you to practice getting in and out of the bed, making a meal and getting in and out of the shower.

If you should require additional rehabilitative care after discharge, we’ll handle all necessary arrangements for your transition to outpatient rehabilitation.

Read our inpatient rehabilitation patient guide for information about your stay, including daily routine, what to wear and visitor information.

Inpatient physical rehabilitation program outcomes and advantages

A March 2014 study, commissioned by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, compared clinical outcomes for patients who received rehabilitation in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital/unit to other rehabilitation options. The study revealed key advantages to receiving rehabilitation in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital/unit such as Henry Ford Wyandotte:

  • Patients return home two weeks earlier (our program's average stay is 12 – 14 days)
  • Patients remain home nearly two months longer
  • Patients experience an eight percent lower mortality rate , five percent fewer emergency room visits and less readmissions to the hospital
  • More focused and vigorous therapy (a minimum of 15 hours per week)

For more information about Henry Ford Wyandotte’s inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services or to schedule a tour, submit a contact form online or call (734) 246-6048.

Inpatient rehabilitation at Wyandotte

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