Education & Support

Our spine surgery specialists will help you prepare for your procedure.

If conservative treatments like medication and physical therapy don’t work or aren’t a good choice for your spinal condition, spine surgery may be the answer. When our doctors recommend spine surgery, we’ll make sure you have the necessary information to prepare for your procedure.

What do I need to know to get ready for spine surgery?

Spine surgery is a highly complex and rigorous procedure. It takes months to heal afterward. But if you prepare ahead of time, you can make the recovery process easier.

Your surgery team will help you get ready for your procedure. As part of our spine surgery education process, we’ll provide information on how to prepare your body, mind, and home for recovery.

We also recommend that all our spine surgery patients study our spine surgery patient handbook before surgery. It includes information about:

  • Cleaning your skin before surgery
  • Exercises you’ll do before your surgery, in the hospital, and when you go home
  • Pain management
  • What to bring to the hospital and what to leave at home
  • Where to go when you arrive at the hospital
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