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Center for Athletic Medicine

Located at 690 Amsterdam in Detroit, this 54,000 square foot facility is the epicenter for athletes at all levels and in every sport to heal, condition and optimize their performance. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to sports medicine with internationally recognized physicians in areas of orthopedics, concussion, brain health, cardiology and sleep medicine. Henry Ford combines the latest in state-of-the-art simulation and motion technology and a full staff of physical therapist and athletic trainers to create the center for athletic medicine as the place to reach your highest potential.

  • Meet our team of orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, integrated medicine, ear nose and throat, nutrition, primary care, physical therapy and athletic training professionals.
  • State-of-the-art rehabilitation space focuses on advanced techniques that are designed to return athletes to full activity. More on our Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Program
  • The latest technologies and innovations in performance training – all designed to optimize movement and improve the human experience. These include:
    • Simi Reality Motion System uses 3D software to analyze movement and joint angles in real time for minimizing injury and enhancing performance with and without LED markers. 
    • The Speed Zone tests for reaction, speed, agility and endurance.
    • 1080 Quantum Synchro is for resistance training and strength conditioning, giving real-time feedback and data analysis.
    • 1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training tool that measures power, force, speed and acceleration.
    • Light therapy lasers stimulate tissue repair and growth from a painful injury. This is a common pain management tool used in professional sports and on Olympic teams.
    • Blood flow restriction training is used to boost strength during exercise using a blood pressure cuff wrapped around your arm or leg. It also has been shown to reduce muscle atrophy.
    • AlterG, or gravity-free, treadmill allows athletes and patients to rehab from injury sooner without using their actual body weight. Real-time analysis.

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