Flexibility, Agility and Strength Training for Athletic Competition (FASTRAC)

FASTRAC is a sports conditioning program geared toward all athletes and strives to increase power, strength, speed, agility, and flexibility. Our team will work with the athlete to identify functional weaknesses and correct these imbalances. Through the FASTRAC program each athlete will build on the foundation needed for high performance in his or her sport.

Based on the latest research in sport conditioning and utilizing proven techniques, athletes will receive personal instruction from one of our Henry Ford Sports Medicine professionals

  • Core and Plyometrics: The athlete will focus on core strength and power. Our team will identify the athlete’s functional weaknesses and correct these imbalances. This program will help you build the foundation needed for high performance in movements required by your sport. Athletes will also learn proper landing techniques in order to prevent lower extremity injuries, including the prevention of ACL and meniscal injuries.
  • Speed and Agility: This program is designed to develop quickness, speed, and agility, as well as core strength in order to maximize performance - giving you the competitive edge. Our drills will address quick directional changes, explosiveness, and endurance required of athletes in their fast-paced sport.
  • Over-Head Athlete:This program is directed toward athletes who participate in over-head sports, including, but not limited to; baseball, softball, swimming, volleyball, and lacrosse. Since the core is the foundation of all movement, our team will address core stability and balance, shoulder strength, and whole body flexibility. Strong shoulder and core musculature will aid in preventing injuries due to the repetitive nature of these motions in vulnerable over-head positions.


  • Individual Sessions: Individual athletes may participate in one-on-one sessions with a Henry Ford Sports Medicine professional, who tailors the program for each individual’s needs, assessing biomechanical and muscular control deficits. Multiple sessions, along with a home exercise program, may be required to achieve maximal benefit.

    Cost: $50 per session
  • Team/Group Classes (groups of 5 or more): Our team/group sessions include high-level training from a Henry Ford Sports Medicine professional, who will design a conditioning program specifically tailored to improve overall strength, endurance, and core stability. One-week sessions are held every day for five days (Bootcamp). Six-week sessions are three times per week for six continuous weeks. Each class is one hour in length.

    Cost: Groups of 5 or more - $50 per individual for a one-week Bootcamp (5 sessions); Groups of 5 or more - $200 per individual for a six-week program (18 sessions)

For more information, please call the Henry Ford Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Program line at (313) 972-4167.

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