Biomechanical Conditioning

Keep your competitive edge and prevent injuries with athletic form and movement analysis

Improved athletic performance starts with better balance. And, better movement can keep you on the field and injury free.

The sports medicine specialists at Henry Ford Health System use biomechanical conditioning to help athletes of any age and skill level. Our training can improve your form and enhance your conditioning. Our sophisticated measurement and personalized analysis improve player performance and keep athletes healthy on and off the field.

Video biomechanical analysis

The Henry Ford Sports Medicine team uses a computerized video program called Dartfish. The program analyzes body movements so we can:

  • Analyze movement and trajectory
  • Calculate speed, distance and velocity
  • Capture and compare movement
  • Demonstrate techniques and positioning

We use Dartfish for athletes who want to enhance their golf swing, running gait, jumping, or pitching. It’s also useful for injury prevention. We use video analysis to point out different movements and balance concerns that could lead to leg, back, shoulder, or arm injuries.

Movement pattern analysis

We use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) scoring system to rank and grade movement patterns. The test helps us identify movement issues that make training and conditioning less effective.

Your personal score helps the Sports Medicine team create a corrective exercise plan. We track the progress as you work through the program and develop safer, more effective movement patterns.

Henry Ford Sports Medicine takes a team approach with athletes. We incorporate a diverse group of specialists, including:

Who we see for biomedical conditioning

We typically see competitive athletes from high school to professional leagues. Whether you want to prevent injuries, improve your athletic performance, or receive treatment for an injury or concern, Henry Ford has everything you need.

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