GolFit Program

Keep your body healthy while you perfect your golf game

There’s nothing like a round of golf on one of Michigan’s 650-plus courses to relieve stress and enjoy the outdoors. 

However, if you develop a painful golf-related injury, your enjoyment -- and your drives -- will suffer.

Reclaim your swing with help from the Sports Medicine team at Henry Ford Health System and our Golfit programs.

Henry Ford’s GolFit Programs

Group Exercise Class

Get your body in shape for this golf season with our Group Exercise Class. This class will prepare your body with a dynamic warm-up that you will be able to use on the course. We will also review different flexibility, strength and stability exercises that will get you ready for the course. All participants will have a swing analysis performed with feedback. You will be provided with a booklet with all of the exercises discussed in the class as well as some helpful basic tips to improve your game. 

Classes are offered in the spring at multiple Henry Ford locations. 
Cost: $40.00
All classes start at 7:00 PM

Individual Assessment Programs

Our individual programs offer a more personal approach designed specifically for each client to improve limitations and weaknesses found during the individual sessions. Our team uses TPI evaluation skills combined with Dartfish video analysis to determine weaknesses in your body mechanics and swing.  This allows us to give you the tools you need to improve your physical health and correct these issues. 

Single Session

This session will be one-on-one with our TPI Certified professional. This session includes:

  • TPI Physical Assessment Screen
  • TPI golf swing video analysis- with video review and feedback
  • Client specific exercise program (emailed after visit)

Cost: $125.00

Multiple Session Program

This program offers multiple one-on-one sessions with our TPI Certified professional. 

This program includes:

First Session:

  • Discuss goals of the client, specifics of your golf game, any previous/current injuries you are dealing with
  • TPI’s Physical Assessment Screen
  • TPI golf swing video analysis- with initial review and feedback

Second Session:

  • 1 week after the first session
  • Detailed review of the Physical Assessment and Swing Analysis
  • Client will be taken through a dynamic warm-up to use on the course
  • Client will be given a personalized workout program designed to improve limitations found in the Physical Assessment and Swing Analysis

Third Session:

  • 4-8 weeks following the second session
  • TPI Physical Assessment Screen- with comparison to original
  • TPI golf swing video analysis- with comparison to original
  • Client will be mailed a CD with golf swing video analysis
  • *Optional fourth session may be added if needed to further progress the home exercise program

Cost: $250.00-$350.00 (program dependent)

For more information, please call the Henry Ford Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Program line at (313) 972-4167.

Why choose Henry Ford for golf conditioning

Our athletic trainers are Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified professionals. They have the skills and knowledge to help you get to playing at the top of your game. We understand that golfers of all levels are focusing more and more on physical fitness to improve their game and prevent injuries while playing. We use TPI’s methods to achieve this goal with golfers of all ages and skill levels. Injury prevention is key.

Our team uses Dartfish video feedback to help you develop the proper form, flexibility, and strength to stay injury-free.

If you need pain management or treatment for your golf-related injury, we’re a short drive away.

We’ll set you up with Henry Ford specialists based on your condition so you can enjoy tee time again.

Ready to improve your performance?

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