RunFast Programs

Run strong and injury-free from the first mile to the finish line

Henry Ford Health System Sports Medicine experts are conducting an interactive learning class for runners. Expert clinicians will guide runners through individual improvements and injury prevention and a with a complete analysis to improve performance.

Runners are no strangers to pain. They test their grit year-round on Michigan’s thousands of miles of trails, pathways, and streets. And while die-hard runners often ignore the weather, ignoring pain is never a good idea.

We take a team approach to running-related injury prevention and treatment at Henry Ford Health System Sports Medicine. We work with runners of all ages and skill levels to create personalized injury prevention strategies. With this program, we also help address an current issues, injuries or dysfunctions to help assist in returning to running pain free.

What’s my risk for a running-related injury?

Runners of all skill levels are at risk for injury, and injuries are common. Each year, nearly half of runners nationwide report injuries.

Whether you prefer a half mile or a half-marathon, the Henry Ford Sports Medicine team can help determine your personal injury risk based on gait, shoe wear patterns, flexibility, and more.

Can I prevent running injuries?

You can avoid many running injuries with attention to form and total-body conditioning. Our sports medicine professionals will create a personalized plan, including conditioning exercises and programs with a focus on core strength and flexibility. We’ll work with you one-on-one to improve strength, speed, and endurance.

Henry Ford’s RunFast Programs

Ongoing Lecture Series

Variety of lecture series on various running related topics such as nutrition, gait, lower extremity health and more.

Location: Classes are offered at various times, dates and locations offered throughout the year.

Cost: Free

Please check back for future dates and times.

Interactive Group Performance Assessment

Join other runners in this group assessment with sports medicine professionals where you will be guided through 4 stations that include a range of motion and functional assessment, a brief gait running form assessment, a foot and shoe analysis and finally an exercise and educations station. Each station will be approximately 20 minutes and help provide individual improvements for running.

William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine
6525 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI

Cost: $40

Please check back for future dates and times.

RunFast Individual Assessment

Henry Ford sports medicine professionals will use RunFast, a biomechanical gait analysis as well as functional evaluation, to show runners how their bodies move and function as they run and move. This helps us to pinpoint areas to improve form, offer suggestions for reducing the chance of injury as well as identify areas of concern for current or prolonged running related injuries. The individual assessment will include two sessions:

First session:

  • Initial evaluation of flexibility, range of motion and strength
  • Foot evaluation and shoe wear assessment
  • Functional assessment which will include, but is not limited to, squats, lunges, single leg balance and single leg squat
  • Walking gait assessment – video included
  • Treadmill running gait assessment – video included
  • The Physical Therapist will then pull together entire assessment to suggest any modifications, changes, stretches or strength work you can work on to help improve running form as well as address any dysfunction or injury you may be dealing with or have dealt with in the past

Second session:

  • A follow-up approximately 3-5 weeks after initial assessment
  • Review what you have been currently doing and identify any modifications or changes to be made
  • Review walking gait assessment form and compare to initial video assessment
  • Review running form and compare to initial video assessment
  • Offer any further suggestions or referrals as needed

Two locations:
William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine
6525 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI

Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus
39450 W 12 Mile Rd, Novi, MI

Cost: $175

To register or for further questions, please call the Henry Ford Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Program line at (313) 972-4167.

RunFast runner's gait analysis

Henry Ford sports medicine professionals use RunFast, a biomechanical gait analysis, to show runners how their bodies move as they run. This helps us pinpoint areas to improve form and keep runners injury-free.

The assessment will be performed by a physical therapist at either the William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine or Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus. RunFast features a one-on-one assessment with a sports medicine professional to evaluate and offer tips to improve your running. Our program includes total body biomechanical and functional assessments, including gait evaluation. The gait and functional evaluation will be video taped with your permission, and given to you with corrections. The sports medicine professional will incorporate the findings with your history into an injury prevention and management program to focus on improving your running form.

What are some common running injuries?

Overuse injuries are a major concern for runners. These injuries often affect the:

Sometimes, these injuries cause overcompensation and uneven weight distribution. This can lead to even more injuries. Some running injuries, like strains or sprains, start with minor pain you may think you can power through. Others, such as ligament tears or fractures, cause sudden, intense pain.

How will Henry Ford treat my running-related injury?

We treat the whole runner with education and support and advanced, customized treatment programs.

We treat some running-related injuries with physical therapy or pain management. Some runners need surgery or extensive rehabilitation. The Henry Ford Sports Medicine team provides this type of care on a personal level -- and we can get you in the clinic within 24 business hours of your request for an appointment.

Our team approach incorporates a variety of specialists, including physical therapists, nutritionists, and researchers. The goal is to provide the most effective treatment to help you recover safely and get back to running.

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