Weightlifting Injuries

Weightlifting isn’t just for Olympians. Athletes and active people of all levels benefit from strength training exercises.

But, if aches and pain accompany your efforts to get lean, look to the experts at Henry Ford Health. We can help you get relief and stay injury-free for the long run.

Weightlifting injury causes

Weightlifting involves regularly breaking down muscle tissue and allowing it to heal. The body creates thicker muscle fibers that lead to improved strength and definition through this process.

Weightlifting injuries are more likely to happen when you:

  • Choose weights that are too heavy.
  • Lift for an extended period or beyond your fitness level.
  • Perform too many reps.
  • Skip warm-ups at the beginning of your session.
  • Use improper form, especially with new moves.
  • Work out without recovering fully between weightlifting sessions.

Common weightlifting injuries we treat

Common weightlifting injuries we treat

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