Pat's Story

You are not a cancer patient. You are not a candidate for a heart procedure. You are not patient #23T987. You are so much more than that. You are a person. You are Ela Bullock. Pat Baker. Linda D'Antonio. And you have a family. Pets. Concerns and a job to get back to. At Henry Ford Health System we know this. We know that we can’t effectively treat the patient without getting to know the person first. That’s why all that we do is all for you.

Pat Baker did not expect to have a stroke, he eats healthy, exercised and took pretty good care of himself. But when he started experiencing strange symptoms, such as sudden vision problems and wasn’t able to raise his arm, his wife took him to the emergency room at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital. The team there quickly determined that Pat was having a stroke and started treating him. Once they realized he needed more advanced stroke treatment, he was airlifted to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where the physicians already had all of the information they needed to treat Pat immediately when he arrived. Quick thinking and teamwork gave Pat great outcomes from his stroke. For more than 25 years Henry Ford has been a leader in stroke care, learn more about our Stoke Program.

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