Re-operative Parathyroidectomy

Re-operative parathyroid surgery, for patients who already have had parathyroidectomy, is a particular challenging surgery. The parathyroid surgeons in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Henry Ford are experts at treating patients who have already had parathyroid surgery, but their hyperparathyroidism returns or whose first surgery did not cure their disease.

Due to the previous surgery, re-operative parathyroidectomy can be extremely difficult surgery. Risks of possible complications are higher in this type of surgery. Because of this, re-operative parathyroidectomy is best performed by surgeons with specialized training.

Before having re-operative parathyroid surgery, it is very important to have radiology tests to try to localize where in the body is the problem parathyroid gland. Using this information, the re-operative surgery can be done in a focused way.

Re-operative parathyroidectomy needs to be directed thyroid surgery to safely and successfully remove the problem gland. Great results with re-operative parathyroid surgery can be achieved with:

  • Expert knowledge of parathyroid gland disease
  • Precise surgical technique
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