Robotic Facelift Thyroidectomy

robotic facelift

Thyroid-removal surgery with no visible neck scars.

Robotic facelift thyroidectomy is an alternative for patients who need to have thyroid-removal surgery. We’re one of just a small handful of programs in the United States that offer this procedure.

How does robotic facelift thyroidectomy work?

A traditional thyroidectomy requires a surgeon to make an incision on the front of the patient’s neck. In a robotic facelift thyroidectomy, the surgeon uses an advanced surgical robot to make an incision behind the patient’s ear, where it is less visible. The surgeon, who controls the robot during the entire procedure, then removes the patient’s thyroid gland through this incision.

Benefits of robotic facelift thyroidectomy

Robotic facelift thyroidectomy is a safe alternative to traditional thyroid-removal surgery. Some of the procedure’s benefits include:

  • Additional control and stability for the surgeon by using the surgical robot
  • Hidden thyroidectomy scar after surgery
  • Excellent option for patients with thyroid nodules and small thyroid goiters
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