Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Kimberly Jaye Jones
J. Kimberly Jones

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Jessica Shill MD
Jessica Shill, M.D.

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Our clinic in the New Center One building offers several hormone therapy options for patients ages 15 and older. Jessica Shill, M.D., and J. Kimberly Jones, Certified Nurse Practitioner, will listen and respect you. Services include:

  • Cross-sex hormones and androgen blockers/inhibitors
  • Nurse teaching for self-administration of injections or nurse administration of injections
  • Passport and state letters in support of legal gender change
  • Connection to therapists and other affirming providers

Make an appointment

Contact our scheduler at (313) 916-9517 to make an appointment. Please provide your preferred name and gender, and indicate you are interested in transgender/gender non-conforming care. Dr. Shill trains fellows (doctors training to be endocrinologists) in transgender/gender non-conforming care. At this time, she is unable to accept new transgender/gender non-conforming patients due to her full clinic, but you can see her with the fellow Dr. Shill is supervising. Dr. Shill will be present for the last 5-10 minutes of each fellow visit.

Our primary care team also provides gender affirming hormone therapy.

Email us with concerns or questions about our transgender health services.