Intestine Transplant Types

Henry Ford is the first and only transplant center in Michigan performing all types of intestine transplants, also known as small bowel transplants. Our transplant team will evaluate your health to determine which transplant could provide the best option.

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Bowel transplant types at Henry Ford

Our surgeons are highly skilled at performing all types of intestine, or small bowel, transplants. Transplant types include:

  • Isolated intestine transplant: This transplant is best if you are dependent on intravenous feedings called total parenteral nutrition (TPN), but you do not have liver damage.
  • Combined liver-intestine transplant: This transplant option may be right for you if you have irreversible liver damage caused by intravenous feedings (TPN).
  • Composite multiple organ transplant: A composite multiple organ transplant (sometimes called multivisceral transplant) involves transplanting intestines as well as other abdominal organs such as the liver, pancreas, duodenum and/or stomach. Connecting valves and arteries are also transplanted. You may need a multiple organ transplant if you have:
    • Short bowel syndrome (i.e., short gut syndrome)
    • Liver disease and blood clots in the vein leading into the intestine (portomesenteric thrombosis)
    • Cancerous neuroendocrine tumors that have metastasized (spread) to the liver
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