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The Henry Ford Virtual Exam Kit, powered by TytoCare, is a handheld device that connects through your smartphone or tablet to your Henry Ford MyChart account, creating an enhanced virtual care experience. It's like seeing a doctor in the exam room, without having to leave your home.

Now, you can schedule a virtual visit with your primary care doctor or your child’s pediatrician using the TytoCare device. Just call your doctor’s office and tell them you want a Scheduled Video Visit using the TytoCare device.

Also, use the TytoCare device with a Henry Ford Video Visit On Demand and have a much more thorough virtual exam with a Henry Ford doctor, and have the peace of mind knowing you have a Henry Ford doctor on call 24/7/365.

This handheld device allows the doctors to:

  • Look inside of ears
  • Listen to lung sounds
  • Listen to heart
  • Take temperature
  • Look up nose
  • Look down throat
  • Listen to abdominal sounds

How TytoCare works

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Capture exams using the device and app

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Send exams to a board-certified physician for review

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Get a diagnosis, and prescription if needed

Cost of the virtual exam kit

Purchase today for only $199

Order a TytoCare Device


  • Schedule a Video Visit with your Primary Care doctor or your child’s pediatrician and tell them you want to use your TytoCare device and you can have a much more thorough virtual care exam right from your home.
  • Having access 24/7/365 to a Henry Ford doctor on call, who can give you a much more thorough exam through a Henry Ford Video Visit On Demand.
  • $199 is less than the cost of 2 ER visits
  • Use your FSA, HSA, HRA, PayPal, credit card or debit card for the purchase. Some insurances cover the cost of the device.
  • One device per household is all you need
  • It works on any age patient – baby to senior adult
  • For when your loved one can’t get out to see a doctor, schedule a video visit with their primary care doctor and tell them you want to use your TytoCare device.
  • Don’t worry about weather, time, transportation, or availability, we’re here when you need us, with a Henry Ford Video Visit On Demand 24/7/365 and TytoCare.
  • At 3am your child wakes up sick; is it an ear infection, the flu, or what? Now you’ll know without having to leaving the house.
  • Fast, easy, convenient

Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about TytoCare.

Is it easy to use?

Enclosed with your device is a user’s guide showing you how to activate and pair your device or you may read the quick start guide here. There are video tutorials showing you all the ways you can use the device and the many benefits of TytoCare. 

The Henry Ford Virtual Exam Kit, makes a tough situation a lot easier.

Video Visits On Demand using the TytoCare Device

Watch this video to learn how to get started using your handheld device.

Scheduled Video Visits using the TytoCare Device

Watch this video to learn how to get started using your handheld device.


Henry Ford doctors and patients praise the ease of use and the great video quality of TytoCare.


  • "TytoCare allowed me to care for a long time patient, with unstable heart failure, from her home, without the burden of travel and without compromising the quality of care I could offer. Her daughter was an active part of the visit. It felt like a true family visit with enhanced medication safety, given that she could grab the medications and make notations in real time. It was a very exciting and fulfilling experience for me, my patient and her family." - Joyce Leon, M.D., FACP, Henry Ford Health


  • “I feel like Tyto is going to bring an extra level of assurance to video visits knowing that the provider is actually examining the patient.”
  • “… I have to think we could have avoided the ER, with an On Demand Tyto visit.”
  • Mother of a 30 year old autistic patient purchased a Tyto device and this week patient became ill with sore throat, ear redness, and congestion. Mother decided to have an On Demand visit using her Tyto device. Patient connected and during the visit mother stated patient became uncooperative and threw a “temper tantrum” once patient calmed down the visit was completed. Mother stated that this is a life changing technology for her and her son as well as the clinic staff. She stated there are times patient can become aggressive with his tantrums and this keeps everyone safe. While speaking to the mother she stated that she originally purchased for her father that has Alzheimer’s. She stated that this device is great for anyone that has children or adults with disabilities and takes the strain off the care giver!
Henry Ford Virtual Exam Kit

Enhance your virtual care experience with TytoCare.