Weight Management Program Pricing

The cost for the four-month program is $300 ($25 orientation, $275 counseling and classes) and includes:

  • Initial visit with a registered dietitian
  • Up to two additional visits with a registered dietitian, if clinically indicated
  • Up to 10 visits with the exercise physiologist
  • Six group education classes
  • Unlimited use of online support resources

This price does not include the cost of food or supplements. This cost will vary based on your individual plan.

Out-of-pocket costs for all participants (if applicable):

  • Supplements: $50 to $85 per week
    • Protein Power and Combo Platter Diet plans only
    • $115 for starter kit purchased at appointment with a registered dietitian
  • Exercise (optional expense, will vary based on individual plan)
    • PREVENT, our medically supervised exercise program: $7 per session or $50 - $60 per month, depending on location (optional)
    • Health club/gym membership (optional), Detroit site only

You may choose to continue in the weight management program beyond the initial four months. This can be for continued weight loss or weight loss maintenance. The following costs will apply:

  • $176 for two follow-up visits per month (up to eight visits over four months)
  • $100 for one follow-up visit per month (up to four visits over four months)

Insurance coverage

If you have HAP insurance and your doctor is within the Henry Ford Medical Group, HAP may cover this program. Your body mass index (BMI) must be greater than 30, and you must have your doctor's written approval/referral to participate. This benefit covers one weight management program over your lifetime. Exercise classes and dietary supplements are not a covered benefit. To our knowledge, no other insurance carrier covers weight management. If you believe your insurance will pay then we can help you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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