Weight Management for Kids

Let's Get Healthy!

(313) 874-6653
Locations: Detroit, West Bloomfield, Troy and Canton
Let's Get Healthy! is an educational program for overweight youth ages 9 to 13. The program uses a multidisciplinary approach, including a pediatrician, behavioral therapist, registered dietitian and an athletic trainer. The program focuses on behavior modification and education rather than weight loss.

Let's Eat Healthy

(313) 874-7495
A registered dietitian will work with the child/young adult and family to individualize a healthy and realistic meal plan. In two, one-on-one visits, eating patterns, portion sizes, food preferences, schedules and activity are addressed along with the behavioral considerations related to nutrition. The program also look sat the role of the family in a weight loss program.

Let's Get Healthy (Macomb)

(586) 263-2107
Location: Clinton Township
Learn proper eating habits, nutrition information and the importance of exercise and limiting screen time in this six-session program which is open to children ages 9 to 12 years and their families.

DK Kids in Charge of the Fridge!

(248) 325-3890
Email: dk@hfhs.org
Take charge and help your family live a healthier life in this summer kids’ camp packed with flavor and fun.

Being a DK kid “in charge of the fridge” means:

  • Taking charge of the family pantry with an inventory check list
  • Creating a healthy shopping list as well as understanding how to read nutrition fact labels and ingredient lists
  • Preparing and organizing ingredients for meals

Campers begin each day by preparing and organizing their healthy pantry. Then they learn to prep the fruits, veggies and healthy grains from the pantry to make a healthy summertime snack. Each camp day is fun and interactive, and teaches the essential skills needed to create successful meals. Safety in the kitchen, nutrition, tools, techniques, food and table presentation and education on special dietary conditions will be discussed in every class. The DK campers will leave with a new healthy habit and fun ideas for exercise without machines to share with the whole family.

Henry Ford clinical weight management program for older teens

(313) 972-1919
(248) 325-3335
Locations: Clinton Township, Detroit, Livonia, West Bloomfield and Wyandotte

This is a clinically-based program for teens between the ages of 15 and 19 years who are significantly overweight (above the 95th percentile or have a BMI greater than 40). It includes nutrition, behavior and exercise consultations with specialists including registered dietitians and clinical exercise physiologists. These experts help to create individualized plans that include meal replacements for portion control and aggressive weight loss (3 to 5 pounds per week). Participation requires consent and follow-up sessions with a pediatrician.

Top Chef

The Top Chef program is designed to increase knowledge about healthy eating and food preparation skills among children ages 8-12. In six, one-hour sessions, kids receive a nutrition message, prepare a recipe and have many of their nutrition-related questions answered. Attendees learn to decrease dietary fat and sugar intake, increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, use basic food preparation techniques and how to follow a recipe.

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