Preventative Maintenance or Downtime

Afterhours Conditional Rendering Test Page content

This page will be highlighting the general application of the 'holiday' rule by showing a Preventative Maintenance or Downtime scenario. 

Preventative Maintenance windows or scheduled downtime windows will typically have a finite start and end time.  Leveraging the holiday rule, the digital team can show unique content that can:

  • Warn visitors before and during the maintenance/downtime window
  • Provide additional options during the maintenance/downtime window
  • Other content options!

With the holiday rule, this can be done WITHOUT having to remember to add/delete the content manually before and after the maintenance/downtime window.

For this page, we have a weekend and a single day set up.  You are free to go to the global exception dates and make any changes (found under- /sitecore/content/Global/Conditional Rendering/HFHS/Test Exception Conditions). 

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