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Basir Mir 18 Lab

Lifesaving Heart Attack Treatment Replicated Nationally

LAS VEGAS – Patients with a deadly heart attack complication nationally survived at significantly higher rates when treated with a specific protocol created by cardiologists at Henry Ford Health System, according to trial results announced today.
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Living With Grief

Support is a very important part of the healthy reconciliation of grief issues. Family members and friends can be very supportive, but sometimes it...

Dance for Parkinson's Disease

Dance for Parkinson's classes are an aesthetic experience that uses the elements of narrative imagery and community to develop artistry and grace...

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How Laughter Benefits Your Heart Health

When’s the last time you had a good laugh? Not just a little giggle, but the kind of laugh that makes your abdomen hurt or even tears form in your...

Managing a Heart Failure Diagnosis

You might be surprised to know that heart failure doesn’t mean your heart just stops working. In fact, living with heart failure is a reality for...

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