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Information at your fingertips to help you care for your loved one

Are you the primary caregiver for a loved one or friend? Caregivers are special people who devote a lot of time and effort to make sure their friend or family member gets the care they need and deserve.

At Henry Ford, we believe caregivers are valuable partners with the team that cares for your loved one. That’s why we launched the Family Caregiver Initiative and Caregiver Resource webpage to make your job easier.

Take a moment to review the information below and webpage links on the left to see if any of the services listed can help you care for your loved one.

Caregiver tips from experienced caregivers

Keeping it together and building a team are just two essential skills that a caregiver needs to possess. Learn about the resources available to caregivers.

Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) has provided this website as a starting point to find helpful and supportive services. Many of these resources are services that are owned or operated by HFHS, and other services are listed as a courtesy for your convenience. Any decision to use a non-HFHS service should be based on your personal evaluation.

This site is your at-home connection to applications, tools, online learning, and important work information. Use this site when you are at home or away from work.

 Advance Care Planning
Resources for advance care planning and end-of-life conversations

 Alzheimer's Disease
Specialized tools and information to help care for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease

 Autism Resources
Autism and Special Needs Resources

 Caregiver Binder
Binder that allows patients to keep important documents in one place.

genuconnectsmall  genusConnect

A caregiver platform centered on communications.

 Colleen's Corner
Local and National Resources for Cancer Patients.

 LGBTQ Health Resources
Health information relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities

 Mental Health Support
Mental Health Treatment Services

 Older Adult Resources
Community Resources for Aging Adults

 Parent Resources
Resources for Parents

 Persons with Disabilities
Business Ideas For Persons With Disabilities

 Same-Day Primary Care
Convenient care options to keep you out of the ER

 The Care Act
Caregiver support you need for your loved one.

 Transplant Living Community
Volunteer program for Transplant Patients

  Veterans Resources
Veterans Support and Resource Center