PERC Resources

PERC empowers patients to ask questions about their health care concerns and actively participate in studies that will help answer them.

PERC’s infrastructure has 4 Cores. A core is a resource of expertise that anyone can access to do research.

The Fours Cores are:

  1. Engagement
  2. Study, Design, Analysis and Measurement
  3. Patient Data Network
  4. Dissemination/Implementation

These four cores serve as the framework to make sure projects are carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

Core 1: Patient Engagement
What do we study?

Core 1, focuses on patient and stakeholder engagement, and is responsible for recruiting, training and retaining an advisor pool of over 350 people. These stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds and areas of interest and expertise.  All advisors are trained to participate in both healthcare quality projects and research studies, while fine-tuning their active listening and effective communication skills. The goal of core 1 is to identify the pertinent questions that patients and caregivers have, and access how to address these questions in a clinical practice.

Core 2: Study Design and Methods
What study design should we use?

Core 2 is responsible for the study design and methods. This means Core 2 will carry out defining the study population, assist with study initiation as well as the follow up study. Core 2 will ensure that the study is monitored, organized and will follow the proper protocols to ensure the data that is being collected is concise and accurate.

Core 3: Patient Data Network
How do we carry our and govern the study?

Core 3 focuses on accessing the study design, website development and data implementation. This means that the goal of core 3 is to make sure the most important outcomes of the studies are measured, and that the data collected will be analyzed properly to have the best understanding of the patients’ contributions to the study.

Core 4: Dissemination and Implementation
How do we enable people to apply the study results?

Core 4 addresses the question of how to spread the knowledge of our findings with patients and providers to improve care. The dissemination and implementation core will be responsible for activities such as meeting with clinicians, developing public health relations, publishing manuscripts, and conferences.

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