Addiction Programs


We offer many addiction programs at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, the home for addiction treatment at Henry Ford Behavioral Health Services. Our addiction specialists work with individual patients to tailor a treatment program that meets their needs.

We provide treatment for a wide range of addictions, including opiates and gambling. In addition, we have specialized programs for different populations, including adolescents, women and healthcare professionals.

Addiction programs in Michigan: The Maplegrove approach

Maplegrove Center is the premier center in Michigan for addiction treatment. Our experienced team takes a holistic approach to care, treating the whole person, not just the addiction. We believe that addiction is an illness, not a moral issue or a matter of self-control. Our goal is for patients to reintegrate successfully into family, work and community life.

Features of our addiction programs include:

  • Evidence-based services. We use the latest addiction research to plan our patients’ care, with proven outcomes. In addition, we incorporate methods from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) into our treatment plans, including cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step facilitation.
  • Personalized. No two patients are alike. Our individualized treatment plans reflect each patient’s unique situation, history and needs. Our expert team plans and implements the treatment, ensuring that the patient is progressing and meeting his or her goals.
  • Comprehensive. Beginning with a thorough evaluation, we offer the full spectrum of treatment options. This includes a combination of outpatient and inpatient care. We also support patients as they transition to follow-up care and ongoing recovery.
  • Experienced. Our team has years of extensive experience in in all aspects of addiction diagnosis and treatment. Team members include physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers and support staff. Meet the Maplegrove team.

Addiction treatment: Evaluation

We begin treatment with a comprehensive evaluation, incorporating practice guidelines from the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Psychiatric Association. The goal of the evaluation process is to assess the patient for presence and progression of addiction or other mental health disorders. We encourage family participation in all evaluations and require it for adolescent patients.

Our expert staff conducts the evaluations:

  • Physicians and psychiatrists certified in addiction medicine perform the medical evaluations
  • Licensed psychologists and social work clinicians perform the psychosocial evaluations

Addiction treatment: Levels of care

Following the assessment, our team will share with the patient and family the diagnosis and recommendations for care. Our programs work within our three-phase treatment framework:

  1. Interruption. Stopping the cycle of addiction and establishing abstinence
  2. Rehabilitation. Facilitating education and therapy so the patient recognizes and accepts the addiction, as well as beginning daily routines of recovery.
  3. Recovery. Implementing ongoing support, including counseling and 12-step meetings, to promote stability and long-term wellbeing.

We offer admission into one of our therapy programs based on the level of care the patient needs:

Addiction treatment at Maplegrove: Services we provide

Whether you undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment, Maplegrove Center offers specialized services and programs tailored to meet specific substance abuse or addiction situations.