The Study: WHIP COVID-19

Thank you for visiting the WHIP COVID-19 Study Website. At this time, enrollment for the study is currently paused.  Please check back periodically for enrollment and study status updates.  We appreciate your interest in the study.

The “Will Hydroxychloroquine Impede or Prevent COVID-19,” or WHIP COVID-19, study is a 3,000-subject look at whether hydroxychloroquine prevents front-line workers from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

This is a randomized, double-blinded study designed to produce a scientific answer to the question: Does it work? Henry Ford Health System, as one of the region’s major academic medical centers with more than $100 million in annual research funding, is also involved in numerous COVID-19 trials with partners around the world.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary.  Forms on this website are filled out to indicate a desire to volunteer. Then, an informed consent process will take place with those who potentially meet parameters of the study. During the consent process, volunteers will have an opportunity to have any questions about participation addressed, prior to enrollment in the study.

Will Hydroxychloroquine impede or prevent COVID-19?
Researchers are enrolling volunteers in the "Will Hydroxychloroquine Impede or Prevent COVID-19," or WHIP COVID-19, study. It is a 3,000-subject look at whether the drug, which has been approved by the FDA for 65 years for preventing malaria, also prevents frontline workers from contracting the novel Coronavirus.

Henry Ford Health System, Will Hydroxychloroquine Impede or Prevent COVID-19, is registered and posted on identifier: NCT04341441