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Thriving After Caregiving Group

Thriving After Caregiving GroupCaregivers often do not know what to do after their loved one passes away and finds they have a void after their loss. Caregivers still want to be part of a group or community but feel they do not belong. This group was created to help caregivers transition from caregiving for someone else to self-care. Participants will be learning different techniques for self-care, discussing the grief process, and discovering a new normal with others who have been in a caregiving role.

This group meets monthly and will offer a variety of meeting types. Each meeting time will vary depending on the group's needs. The meeting may provide a presentation, and/or sharing time of personal stories, and/or open-ended discussions. Participants in the group are expected to be respectful of fellow group members and any concerns should be brought to the facilitator's attention at another time outside of the group time. 

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