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Upcoming Classes and Events

  • Bereavement Support
    Bereavement support groups offer encouragement and comfort during the patient’s illness and continue for 13 months following the loss of a loved one.
    3 Blocks SE of Henry Ford Main Hospital. Parking lot is on 3rd Street (on the West side of Building). Enter building at the front/main Entrance and sign in at desk.
  • Breast Cancer Support Groups
    The Henry Ford Breast Cancer Support Group meets every other week in Detroit and West Bloomfield to educate and support women who are currently...

    Private Dining Room 1, located near the café.

    Topic: Breast Reconstruction Options

    Presenter: Dr. Dunya Atisha

  • Bariatric Support Group - Macomb
    Join patients and family members for monthly discussions about post-surgical weight management and other topics of interest.
  • Autism Caregiver Support Group
    This support group is open to all autism caregivers. The Caregiver Support Group provides a no-cost, open opportunity to share stories, learn...
  • Caregiver Support Group
    If you provide care for a loved one – parent, child, spouse, relative, neighbor or friend – join fellow caregivers and care giving experts for...
    Held at Henry Ford at Home storefront within the main lobby.
  • SHARE: Friends and Family Addiction Support Group
    The SHARE support group offers concerned family members and friends of those addicted to alcohol or drugs the chance to talk about their feelings...
  • Brain Tumor Support Group
    The Hermelin Brain Tumor Center’s monthly brain tumor support group provides a forum for people with brain tumors -- and their caregivers.

    Meetings, unless otherwise indicated are in Neuroscience Conference Room, 2nd floor, East Wing, right out of the elevator.

    Please ask Information desk for directions

  • Cancer Patient Support Group
    This weekly group, facilitated by a professional counselor/social worker offers patients an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns and...
  • Breast Cancer Care and Share Support Group
    A breast cancer support group for women with any stage breast cancer.
  • Newly Diagnosed Cancer Support Group
    A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Come learn about building and developing community at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute during your cancer...

    Registration is required. Call or email Kelly to register.

    Group meets in multipurpose Room #2, to the right of the cafeteria. Signs will be posted to guide you.

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