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  • The Lake House Art Group
    Lake House volunteers, guided by a certified art therapist, will engage you in amazing arts and crafts projects to exercise your creative instincts...
    Medical Pavilion, 4th Floor.
  • Bereavement Support Group Detroit
    Bereavement support groups offer encouragement and comfort during the patient’s illness and continue for 13 months following the loss of a loved one.
    We will meet in the Community Conference Room-1B.
  • Joint Preservation Class
    The goal of this class is to help you self-manage your knee joint pain and hip joint pain or osteoarthritis and to delay surgery for as long as...
  • Painting With Kathy!
    This group is designed for anyone who cares for the needs of a loved one. You will come and relieve feelings of stress and worry that can come...
    Medical Pavilion, 4th floor, room #3
  • Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
    This six-week course is a must for all expectant mothers and their partners. It provides all the essential information needed to prepare for the...
  • Breastfeeding Support West Bloomfield
    This class is designed for mothers who need help with breastfeeding after delivery. You will bring your baby with you to class and receive...
  • Yoga at ArtBlock
    Yoga is a time to let go and give ourselves time to relax and re-energize. Samantha's teaching style emphasizes yoga being for every BODY!
  • Breast Cancer Support Groups
    The Henry Ford Breast Cancer Support Group meets every other week in Detroit and West Bloomfield to educate and support women who are currently...

    Private Dining Room 1, located near the café.

  • Bariatric Support Group - Wyandotte
    Join patients and family members for monthly discussions about post-surgical weight management and other topics of interest.
  • Center for Weight Management Information Seminar - Macomb
    We stay away from fads and gimmicks and only focus on strategies that are proven to work. That’s why the results in the HMR Program are superior to...
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