Rodziks Ensure Leading-Edge Treatments For Dermatology Patients

Grateful patient standing with physicianA decade ago, Don Rodzik returned from a vacation abroad with a very unwanted souvenir: a major skin irritation that covered his body. It made him miserable, and not only was the condition unpleasant, but it began to alter his lifestyle—even affecting his work as the co-founder and CEO of an international auto parts supplier in Canada. He was desperate for a solution, seeking out doctor after doctor at several different facilities, but no one was sure how to alleviate his symptoms.

Finally, a physician in Toronto asked if he had been to Henry Ford Health in Detroit, which, as he explained, “had one of the best dermatological departments in North America.”

That proved to be crucial advice for Don, who immediately booked an appointment with Henry Lim, M.D., the head of the Department of Dermatology at that time. Thanks in part to funding from past philanthropic gifts, Dr. Lim had been working on a new treatment for certain skin conditions involving light therapy. Don eagerly signed onto a trial, and miraculously, a year later, his condition began to recede. Today, he credits his complete recovery to Dr. Lim and his leading-edge treatments.

“If it was not for this new procedure, I do not know how long my recovery might have taken,” says Don, who still regularly sees Dr. Lim and has had no additional issues in the past ten years.

Don’s gratitude to Dr. Lim and Henry Ford have also inspired him and his wife Gail to give back. Their generosity has enabled the Department of Dermatology to purchase state-of-the-art equipment to help patients with difficult skin disorders receive the care they need to live happier, healthier lives. This has included an important phototherapy machine that enables light treatment for dermatological conditions, and most recently, FotoFinder Body Studio equipment that detects and diagnoses skin cancer in patients with the greatest risk.

“Recognizing the type of skin cancer, a person has at its earliest stages and getting swift treatment hopefully yields the best results by combining these tools with the historical collection of data physicians already have,” says Don.

The Rodziks believe that this innovative technology will help future patients the way that Dr. Lim and other Henry Ford physicians helped Don.

“Gail and I hope that the gifts of new equipment and continued research can assist patients with a cure for their skin conditions,” Don says. “We hope that the impact of our gifts will make a positive difference in someone’s life.”

Meanwhile, Don continues to be grateful for his family and his health.

“I know how important it is to have good health, which is critical to enjoying life,” he says. “What more can one ask for?”

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