FISH Probes

Oncology - interphase analysis

1p36/1q25 -19p13/19q13 Glioma/Astrocytoma
n-MYC 2p24.1 neuroblastoma
ALK t(2;5) or inv(2) probe
inv(3) EVI1 break apart probe
BCL6 3q27 break apart probe
t(4;14) IGH/FGFR3 (MM)
5q33 PDGFRb
-5/5q- (5q deletion probe)
-7/7q- (7q deletion probe)
8p12 FGFR1 break apart/enumeration
t(8;14) Burkitt
t(8;21) AML-M2
t(9;22) CML/ALL
9q34 deletion probe
11q23 MLL translocation/deletion probe
11q22.3 ATM deletion probe
t(11;14) Mantle cell
t(11;18) API2/MALT1
12p13 ETV6 ALL/Sarcoma
12q13 DDIT3 (CHOP) Sarcoma
t(12;21) childhood ALL
13q14 RB1 deletion (MM)
13q14.3 D13S319 deletion (CLL/MDS)
13q34 deletion probe
14q32.3 IGH break apart probe
t(14;16) IGH/MAF (MM)
t(14;18) Follicular cell
t(15;17) AML-M3
inv(16) AML-M4
16p11 FUS Sarcoma
18q11.2 SS18 (SYT) Sarcoma
17p13.1 (p53) deletion
18q21 MALT1 break apart lymphoma
20q12 D20S108 deletion probe
22q12 EWSR1 Sarcoma
X-Y sex mismatched bmt

Microdeletion - metaphase analysis

4p16.3 Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
5p Cri du Chat
7q Williams Syndrome
15q SNRPN – Prader Willi
15q D15S10 – Angelman
17p11.2 Smith-Magenis
17p13.3 Lissencephaly
22q DiGeorge Syndrome
Xp22 Kallmann Syndrome
Xp22.3 STS (Steriod Sulfatase)
X-linked Ichthyosis
Yp11.3 SRY region
Acrocentric (beta-satellite) probe


FISH on Products of Conception/Molar pregnancies

Trisomies 13, 16, 18, 21 and 22

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