Graduation Requirements

Graduation Credit

Students accepted into the Henry Ford Hospital dietetic internship are not granted graduate credit. Supervised practice hours and direct assessment for interns’ prior learning are not required.

Students may be eligible to apply for graduate credits to online Master’s programs (student’s must pursue these credits on their own). Program example:

Central Michigan University – Online Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • R.D.s who did not earn graduate credit for their internship, or those whose graduate level internship credit will be more than seven years old at the time of graduation from the program, are eligible to earn the 12 hours of internship credit required on the Plan B-internship option through passing a series of three examinations. These three examinations, frequently referred to as CBE (credit by examination).

Please visit specific online masters programs websites to determine necessary qualifications and if internship credits are accepted.

Graduation Requirements

The criteria for satisfactory completion from the Henry Ford Hospital Dietetic Internship Program follow:

  • 100% of assignments and experience/class evaluations are completed with faculty and student signatures and dates within 150% of program length as define in months (15 months).
  • At least 80% of the evaluation criteria for performance after the 4 weeks of orientation and prior to Mid-term review must be scored as 2 (70-79%) or above.
  • 100% of the evaluation criteria for performance must be scored as 2 (70-79%) or above for all experiences after Mid-term review where an overall performance score of 3(80-89%) or higher must be received. (Mid-Term Skills Review experience is scheduled after a minimum of 5 weeks of Clinical Experience.)
  • Remedial work is required if a rating of 3 or higher is not achieved in the Mid-Term Review experience or if a Poor rating of 1(60-69%) is received after completing the mid-term review experience. If required, remediation must be successfully completed. (Criteria for successful completion of remedial work are based on the dietetic intern’s specific needs and required experiences and the specific criteria developed for the remediation.)
  • Individual criteria for all audits/reviews must be achieved in the Clinical Staff Responsibility experience.
  • A Dietetic Intern/Faculty Interaction evaluation must be completed for the Internship Director and all faculty members. These evaluations are submitted to the Internship Director during the final week of the program.
  • A resume must be completed and on file.
  • A preliminary copy of “The Individualized Professional Development Portfolio” must be completed and on file.
  • A “Permission for Reference” form must be signed and on file.

When the program is successfully completed, the DIs graduate, and on the last day of the program receive six copies of the "Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Verification Statement" signed by the Internship Director. The signed "Verification Statement" attests to the fact that a DI has completed the requirements of an ACEND accredited internship program and the specific requirements of the Henry Ford Hospital Dietetic Internship Program.

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