Health Psychology

  • Marwa Ahmed, PsyD
    Email: mahmed13@hfhs.org
  • Carly Brescacin, PsyD
    Email: cbresca1@hfhs.org
  • Kelly Bryce, PhD
    Email: kbryce2@hfhs.org
  • John Dooley, PhD
    Email: jdooley1@hfhs.org
  • Anne Eshelman, PhD, ABPP
    Email: aeshelm1@hfhs.org
  • Aaron Hamann, PsyD
    Email: ahamann1@hfhs.org
  • Maren Hyde-Nolan, PhD
    Email: mhyde1@hfhs.org
  • Michelle Jesse, PhD
    Email: mjesse1@hfhs.org
  • Taisel Losada, PsyD
    Email: tlosada1@hfhs.org
  • Kellie Martens, PhD
    Email: kmartens2@hfhs.org
  • Lisa Matero, PhD, ABPP
    Email: lmatero1@hfhs.org
  • David Moore, PsyD
    Email: dmoore19@hfhs.org
  • Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, RN, PsyD
    Email: jpeltze1@hfhs.org
  • Michael Ryan, PsyD
    Email: mryan1@hfhs.org
  • Antu Segal, PsyD
    Email: asegal1@hfhs.org
  • Olga Slavin-Spenny, PhD
    Email: oslavin2@hfhs.org
    Maunda Snodgrass, PsyD
    Email: msnodgr1@hfhs.org
  • Erin Tobin, PhD
    Email: etobin1@hfhs.org
  • Tracey Torosian, PhD
    Email: ttorosi1@hfhs.org


  • Dana Connor, PhD
    Email: dconnor1@hfhs.org
  • Brent Funk, PsyD, ABPP
    Email: bfunk1@hfhs.org
  • Brad Merker, PhD, ABPP
    Email: bmerker1@hfhs.org
  • Jannel Phillips, PhD, ABPP
    Email: jphill10@hfhs.org
  • Maya Pinjala, PhD
    Email: mpinjal1@hfhs.org
  • Adrianna Zec, PsyD
    Email: azec1@hfhs.org

Outpatient Mental Health Clinics

  • Victor Gardner, PsyD
    Email: vgardne1@hfhs.org
  • Philip Lanzisera, PhD, ABPP
    Email: planzis1@hfhs.org
Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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