As its analytical engine, the Center for Bioinformatics infrastructure includes a 196-core cluster parallel computing system, with over 32 terabytes of hard disk storage and secure network backup within the HFHS Corporate Information Technology (IT) Center. This system is administered by two IT professionals within the HFHS Department of Public Health Sciences, which is the parent Department for the Center. On this system, a library of public and proprietary software is maintained and updated for different analytical tasks.

The Center also has licenses for both Ingenuity Systems Pathway Analysis (IPA; Redwood City, CA) and Thomson Reuters' Metacore (formerly known as GeneGO; New York, NY), which are biological pathway knowledge bases and analytical/graphical tools for evaluation of the broader biological context of individual molecular results. We also have experience with applying other publically available pathway analysis methods to data sets consisting of single or multi-molecular types (i.e. integrative analysis).


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