Information about Fraudulent Calls

We have been made aware of a scam in which someone is using software to make it look like Henry Ford Macomb Hospital is calling people, when that’s not actually the case. The number they are fraudulently using is the number to our main hospital line: (586) 263-2300. While we don’t believe the scammers are identifying themselves as Henry Ford Macomb Hospital during the calls, we have received reports they’re asking for people’s banking information.

If there’s no reason someone from Henry Ford Macomb Hospital should be calling you, please ignore the calls. We care deeply for our patients and the community at large, and we don’t want scammers to take advantage of anyone. This type of scam is called “spoofing”; while it’s affecting our Macomb hospital right now, the scammers can make it seem like they’re calling from anywhere at any time, including banks or other hospitals. Always be on guard.

You can report these “spoofing” calls to the FCC at (888) 225-5322 or

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