Last update: August 24, 2022

On July 23, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the monkeypox virus a public health emergency. To provide you with the most pertinent information you need when caring for patients, below you will find the latest guidelines and protocols for testing, vaccines, reporting and more.

This web page is for providers only to give you the most up-to-date clinical information. Please refer patients to

About monkeypox
Click here to access a list of frequently asked questions.

Monkeypox testing
State approval is not required for testing. However, we are asking all providers to contact infection prevention/infectious diseases and Laboratory Medicine before testing patients for monkeypox so we can ensure testing is performed when clinically appropriate and that lab and infection prevention are aware of potential cases.

Click here to review testing guidance.

Monkeypox remains a reportable disease in Michigan and Infection Prevention will continue to report suspected cases.

Managing a suspected monkeypox patient
Please refer to this document which outlines the step-by-step protocol on how to test a patient for monkeypox, in addition to more information.
Click here to review the Tier 1: Treatment and Vaccine Guidelines for Monkeypox policy.
Refer to this document for any patient surgeries or procedures." (for procedure guidance)
Please display this sign outside of patient rooms" (for isolation sign)
Refer to this document for room cleaning, waste management and more." (for room cleaning)

Please refer to this document to differentiate monkey pox from other rashes.

Dennis Cunningham, M.D., System Medical Director, Infection Prevention, or your local Infection Control team

Resources for providers
Monkeypox Education
CDC - Monkeypox page – Info for Healthcare Professionals
CDC – Monkeypox Webpage
CDC – Monkeypox 2022 Outbreak Page
Local Health Department Contact Information (Note: City of Detroit Health Department and Wayne County Health Department are separate entities)

Resources for patients
Don’t Worry About Monkeypox, Just Stay Informed | Henry Ford LiveWell


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