Ramandeep Rattan PhD

Ramandeep Rattan, PhD

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Specialties: Research

Services: Cancer Research

Board Certification and Education


  • Medical University of South Carolina, SC, 2005


  • Mayo Clinic, Post-Doctoral, MN, 2011

About Me

Member of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute 


I specialize in obstetrics and gynecology and research


Research Summary

Member of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute Gynecologic Oncology and Developmental Therapeutics Research Programs


Key Terms

Adipocyte-ovarian cancer interaction Metabolism of ovarian cancer AMPK in ovarian cancer

The Rattan lab is centered on translational ovarian cancer research, the most lethal of gynecologic malignancies. The main areas of interest include:

Elucidation and therapeutic targeting of adipose tissue and ovarian cancer interactions. Adipocytes play an integral role in promotion and spread of ovarian cancer. We are interested in studying the uptake and signaling talk that occurs between the fatty acids released by the adipocytes and ovarian cancer cells, through understanding the role of novel free fatty acid receptors.

Dissecting the metabolic differences between chemo-sensitive and -resistant ovarian tumors. We have found methionine metabolism to be altered in platinum resistant ovarian cancer cells. Currently we are investigating the specific metabolites or sub-pathway that could play a role in mediating chemo-resistance and to use these differences to find a potential therapeutic target unique to chemo-resistant cancer cells.

Role of the metabolic enzyme AMPK in ovarian cancer. AMPK (AMP-activated kinase) is a master regulator of metabolism in all living beings. It is activated by the anti-diabetic drug metformin, which is been extensively studied as a repurposed drug for treatment of various cancers, including ovarian. We have published metformin’s ability to inhibit ovarian tumors in vitro and in vivo. We are currently studying the pathological role of AMPK in ovarian cancer using AMPK knockout mice.


Translational Impact

Our overall aim is to discover novel targets that can disrupt the key enabling cross-talk and factors that promote ovarian tumor growth and chemo-resistance.



Dr. Larry Matherly, KCI

Dr. Xiang Zhang, U of Louisville

Dr. Fred Valeriote, HFH

Dr. Laila Poisson, HFH


Awards, Honors and Publications

2016 Belinda Sue Fund for Ovarian Awareness, Make a Difference Award

2015-2016 Michighan Ovarian Cancer Alliance Award

2014-2015 Henry Ford Cancer Institute CRAG Award

2011-2013 DOD-CDMRP-OCRP Pilot Award

2011-2013 DOD-CDMRP-OCRP Translational Pilot Award

2010-2011 Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance Award

2010-2011 Marsha Rivkin Scholar Award for Ovarian Cancer Research

2006-2008 Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Program of Excellence Award






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