Birthing Center Tour

17 private rooms are set up for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. Within each of the private rooms is a Jacuzzi bath, a rocking chair and a large picture window to provide plenty of natural light.
Families stay in one room for all stages of birth. The rooms include Flat-screen TV with bedside remote. Watch your favorite show or view videos on newborn care, breastfeeding and more.
Board-certified obstetricians, neonatologist and specially trained nurses.
Enjoy precious bonding time with your baby in our beautiful Birthing Center.
A warm, soothing design for a restful, "homey" environment with a personal refrigerator.
Cozy furniture including sleeper sofas for loved ones who will join you during your stay and private waiting room for friends and family with a playroom, DVD players, video game systems and games.
The Jacuzzi tub, located in the spacious private bathrooms, is good for the mother’s circulation, and for relaxation.
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