Questions for those interested in being a milk donor

Who qualifies to be a Milk Bank donor?

A donor must be in good health – as determined through the screening process – and be breastfeeding or pumping expressed breast milk. Donors are allowed to take a variety of over-the-counter and prescription medications and vitamins, but cannot smoke, drink alcohol daily or take herbal supplements.

What are the steps to becoming a milk donor?

  1. Complete a pre-screening online or by phone at (517) 205-MILK.
  2. Complete and return an informational packet that includes a drug screening questionnaire.
  3. Complete a blood test for HIV, HTLV (human T-cell leukemia virus), hepatitis B or C, and syphilis. (Cost of testing is covered by the Milk Bank.)
  4. Receive donor number to drop off/mail milk.

Can a woman who has lost her baby still donate her breast milk?

Yes. For some moms, donating their milk is a way to honor their child’s memory by helping another child.

Will a donor be paid for a milk donation?

No. Donors are providing milk as a gift to a baby in need.

What medications can someone take and still be a milk donor?

There are a number of medications that are allowed. When donors complete the screening process, this information will be reviewed.

How much milk does a donor need to give?

Donors are asked to give a certain amount of breast milk during their donation period. Moms who wish to donate milk after a pregnancy loss are not expected to give a specific amount.

Should my breastmilk be frozen when I mail it or drop it off?

Yes, we can only accept frozen breastmilk that has previously been stored in freezers.

How old can breastmilk be when donated?

We prefer to receive milk before it is 6 months old. If a donor has milk that is older than 6 months, please contact us for further assessment.

Can a donor ship milk?

Yes, donors can ship their milk. If the donor lives outside of Jackson, we will gladly send insulated boxes and cover all shipping expenses.

For more information, please call (517) 205-MILK, or email at


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