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Outpatient Headache Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy relieves severe headache symptoms that make it difficult or impossible to go about your daily life. Henry Ford Health puts relief within reach with an outpatient infusion center that’s solely for headache patients. You receive personalized therapies in a soothing care environment from a team you already know and trust.

What is infusion therapy for headaches?

Infusions deliver treatments through a vein. Your body absorbs these therapies faster than medications you take by mouth because they don’t have to travel through your digestive system.

Infusions for headache may include:

  • Medications to treat pain and inflammation
  • Substances to slow the release of chemical messengers that contribute to headache pain
  • Fluids and vitamins

Headache infusions: What to expect

When you come to Henry Ford for headache infusions, here’s what to expect:

  • Comfort: You receive care in quiet, comfortable surroundings with lights that dim and a reclining chair. Our nurses check on you frequently to help you get the most out of treatment.
  • Alternative therapies: Your care may include additional services, such as acupuncture or massage, after your infusions. These therapies work with headache treatments to restore wellness. Read more about integrative medicine.
  • A quicker return home: Our infusion center helps you avoid long waits in the emergency room and lowers the risk of a hospital stay. We work efficiently to deliver the therapies you need so you can continue healing at home, where you’re most comfortable.

Virtual Care

We have virtual care options available so you can see your doctor without leaving home. Find out if virtual care is right for you.
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The outpatient headache infusion center at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

When you need infusion therapy, we respond quickly, so you can get much-needed relief. Infusion therapy is typically available on a same-day basis during regular business hours.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise: Fellowship-trained headache neurologists guide your care. When you first come to the headache center, we accurately diagnose the problem laying the groundwork for effective infusion therapy. If symptoms become unbearable, you receive the infusions that are best for your needs. Meet our headache and facial pain doctors.
  • Attentive care: Nurses with additional training in chronic headache patients' unique needs coordinate and deliver your infusion therapies. And our neurologists are available at any time to assist with your treatment, if necessary.
  • Comprehensive approach: Infusion therapy is one of many ways we help people with headache disorders live a better quality of life. We tailor therapies and deliver preventive treatments, when available, so you experience fewer, less severe headaches. Find out more about headache evaluation and treatment.

Is outpatient headache infusion therapy right for you?

These services are for established headache center patients, meaning you’ve already had at least one appointment with our specialists.

You may benefit from infusion therapy if you are experiencing:

  • Headaches that do not respond to standard therapies
  • Rebound headaches, pain that comes from overusing headache medications
  • Vomiting, which makes it difficult for your body to absorb fluids and certain medications

Types of headache that cause these symptoms include:

  • Migraines, a neurologic condition causing sensitivity to physical and environmental changes
  • Trigeminal autonomic headaches, a group of disorders, including cluster headaches, with pain attacks on one side of the head
  • Trigeminal neuralgia, jolts of pain that stem from problems with your trigeminal (facial) nerve.

How to access outpatient headache infusion therapy

If you are interested in headache infusion therapy, make an appointment with your neurologist to find out if it’s right for you. Once these have been approved, you can schedule services by:

  • Calling us: Calling ahead enables us to coordinate therapies so you can start your infusion shortly after arriving. Call now
  • Sending a MyChart message: The same prompt service is available when you notify us through Henry Ford’s secure patient portal, MyChart.
  • Returning patients: Once you are approved for infusion therapy, you can come directly to the clinic when you are in need of services – no appointment needed.
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