Cerebrovascular Center

Cerebrovascular disease affects the blood vessels that supply blood to your brain. It can increase your risk of brain bleeds or stroke. But experts at Henry Ford Health are giving thousands of people hope for healing.

Our program offers world-class care that safeguards your health. Our team includes trusted specialists whose expertise draws patients from across Michigan and around the world.

What is cerebrovascular disease?

This group of conditions affects the blood vessels that provide the brain with a continuous supply of oxygen. Brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and carotid artery blockages are some of the many cerebrovascular conditions we treat.

Cerebrovascular disease often develops slowly, making it difficult to detect in early stages. Many people don’t know there is an issue until they experience stroke-like symptoms. Coming to a program such as ours gives you access to comprehensive care. We correctly diagnose conditions in earlier stages, enabling more people to receive preventive therapies.

The Cerebrovascular Center at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

Whether you are just learning of cerebrovascular disease symptoms or recovering from emergency treatment, our team is here for you. You benefit from the recommendations of the field’s foremost experts in cerebrovascular disease care. Our services help more patients survive potentially life-threatening conditions and feel their best.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Experience: Henry Ford’s reputation for cerebrovascular disease excellence dates to the mid-1970s. Today, we are one of the busiest programs in the Midwest, translating to an exceptional level of care. Our team has a successful track record of treating large and complex abnormalities.
  • Personalized care: We use leading methods, including advanced imaging technology, to determine condition severity and predict the likelihood of a stroke. This information, along with our decades of experience, guides important decisions, such as the timing and type of treatments you may need.
  • Advanced therapies: Treatments often include minimally invasive procedures that are gentler on your body. When surgery is necessary, we use research-based methods that offer the highest level of precision. Explore cerebrovascular disease evaluation and treatment.
  • Easy access: If you have concerning symptoms, we see you within one business day – even if you are a new patient. For stroke-like symptoms, members of our team are on standby 24 hours a day. And if you need a procedure, the same specialist provides follow-up care in our cerebrovascular disease clinic.

Our team approach to cerebrovascular disease care

Trusted experts from multiple cerebrovascular disease subspecialties work together to coordinate your care. We meet regularly through case conferences to plan therapies for complex cases. In an emergency, special technology enables us to collaborate virtually. This collaborative approach is only available in select centers in Michigan. Meet our team.

Our cerebrovascular team includes:

  • Cerebrovascular neurosurgeons
  • Neuroendovascular specialists
  • Skull base surgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Neuroradiologists
  • Neurointensivists
  • Cardiologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Emergency medicine specialists
  • Stroke neurologists
  • Vascular surgeons

Pioneering cerebrovascular disease care at Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s cerebrovascular team has made numerous contributions to the field through research. Experts share findings with doctors all over the world through publications and speaking engagements.

Our efforts include:

  • Refining care methods and improving outcomes for a broad range of conditions through landmark clinical trials.
  • Conducting unique basic science studies on blood flow in the brain in our labs.

We are also training the next generation of cerebrovascular disease experts through medical education. Henry Ford is home to nationally recognized fellowship programs in neuroendovascular surgery. Our experts also guide international training programs for aspiring neurosurgeons in many countries.

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