On-site Medical Center

What is an on-site medical center?

In these days of reduced budgets, increasing health care costs and uncertainty over who will ultimately pay for these spiraling costs, employers are looking for new solutions – especially as many American workers make lifestyle choices that can increase their risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Reduced health care costs, healthier employees


The on-site clinic model gives you the potential for significant cost savings from a reduced cost of care as well as reduced rates of employee absenteeism and presenteeism (working while sick). With an on-site clinic at your workplace, you can:

  • Gain more control over and reduce your company’s health care costs, including workers’ compensation
  • Provide your employees with a dedicated, convenient care source that helps distinguish your company from other employers
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Encourage the development of a healthier workforce

On-site clinics provide better and more convenient access to care and help to address the shortage of primary care physicians, a national trend that is only expected to get worse.

More control over your health care spending

Employers are desperate to address the increasing cost of health care on their own and find a solution – not wait for the government or anybody else. An increasing amount of literature about on-site clinics cites the potential for significant cost savings:

  • By some estimates, employers can see a return of $3 to $6 for each dollar spent over two to five years on health program strategies, including on-site clinics
  • Some studies have shown an annual overall cost savings using the on-site clinic model of $100 or more per employee – with additional savings expected as employee utilization increases
  • The biggest driver of overall savings is in dealing with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which typically represent a quarter of a company’s health care spending

A convenient, dedicated care source

An on-site clinic is more convenient for your employees, helping them to limit the amount of time they need to take off for and travel to medical appointments, while increasing your company’s productivity.

A medical team that works in an on-site clinic is completely focused on delivering care to a specific population – your employees, and any other designees you define. As a result, when compared to traditional, off-site primary care models, this care team is able to devote a larger amount of time to each individual patient, giving your employees a higher quality of care.

This dedicated focus and convenient location helps to build stronger relationships and a sense of trust between the on-site care team and your workforce, which in turn helps to facilitate behavioral changes and the adoption of healthier lifestyles that improve your workplace wellness – while reducing your health care costs.

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