Frequently Asked Questions About Vitiligo

What is the cost associated with the procedure?

The price of the procedure depends on the size of the area that is being treated. For an area of less than 25 square centimeters the cost is $ 3,500.00. For an area 25-100 square centimeters in size the cost is $4,000.00. The cost of the procedure includes dressing removal and follow up visits.

small box
Area of less than 25 cm2
big box
Area of 25 - 100 cm2

What are the chances of scarring?

The chance of scarring is low - we are only treating the top layer of skin. However, there is always a risk of scarring with any surgical procedure.

Will I get all of my color back? Will this cure my vitiligo?

There is no cure for vitiligo, MKTP is a treatment option. Results vary based on multiple factors and should be discussed in detail with a physician that is trained in this procedure.

My hands are completely white, but I want you to treat my face (or another location) - can you do that?

The short answer is no. People with extensive involvement of the fingertip area do not typically respond well to the MKT (at any location on the body), and we do not currently recommend the procedure for these individuals.

Please contact us for more information or additional questions, including:

  • Potential worsening of your vitiligo
  • Recovery time
  • Comparison of different surgical techniques
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