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Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by the human papilloma virus that can occur in anyone at any age. Transmission is usually by direct contact. Immunosuppressed individuals and meat handlers are at increased risk for developing warts. Common warts occur typically on the hands and fingers. Plantar warts occur on the soles of the feet and toes, and genital warts occur in the genital areas. Genital warts are transmitted through sexual contact.

Physical exam

Common Wart (verruca vulgaris)

The common wart is flesh-colored, firm, with a rough, clefted skin surface. The lesions commonly occur on the fingers, hands, and knees, and may arise as a single lesion or in a pattern of a small cluster of lesions. They often contain one or more tiny black dots, which represent small, clotted blood vessels.

Flat Wart (verruca plana)

The flat wart is flesh-colored, sharply defined, with a flat surface and slightly raised papules. The lesions are smaller than other warts and usually appear in multiples. They can be seen in a straight line pattern, and are commonly found on the hands, face, and shins.

Plantar Wart (verruca plantaris)

The plantar wart is a flesh-colored or light brown, sharply defined lesion that can be painful. The lesions may be covered with a thick, rough callus.

Genital Warts (condyloma acuminatum)

Genital warts are usually flesh-colored, cauliflower-like lesions that can range in size. These warts develop in the pubic area, on the penis, the labia, or the anal area. Lesions may grow together to form larger plaques.


  • Cryotherapy (freezing) with liquid nitrogen - multiple treatments may be necessary for larger warts
  • Electrodessication (burning off the wart)
  • Henry Ford Laser Therapies
  • Cantharidin (blistering agent) - multiple treatments are often necessary
  • Podophyllin
  • Bleomycin (Blenoxane) injections into the wart
  • Candida antigen injections into the wart
  • Imiquimod (Aldara) for treatment of genital warts
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