Freedom from Smoking Program

Freedom from Smoking is a group tobacco cessation class facilitated by one of Henry Ford's trained tobacco cessation experts.

This program provides group treatment for tobacco dependence and consists of 8 two-hour sessions over the course of 7 weeks. Participants prepare for a group "quit day" (session 4) by learning about medications that can help them stop, lifestyle changes that make quitting easier, and how to stay smoke-free for good. As the weeks continue you will receive structured support and advice from fellow group members and staff.

What to expect

Session One: Thinking about quitting - the Chain of Addiction, deciding to quit, measuring carbon monoxide levels, tracking your smoking habit, identifying triggers to smoke, using medication.

Session Two: Learning not to smoke - lifestyle changes and reinforcing self-confidence, stress management, relaxation, reasons to stop smoking, health effects of smoking, nicotine addiction and medication review.

Session Three: Wanting to Quit - reinforcing motivation, review and discussion of nicotine addiction, reviewing "Pack Tracks," making a quit plan, relaxation exercises, building social support.

Session Four: QUIT DAY - contract and rewards, buddy system, recovery symptoms, overcoming slips and avoiding relapse.

Session Five (NOTE: takes place during the same week as Quit Day for extra support): Winning Strategies - 48-hour report, measuring carbon monoxide levels, medication review, the Grief Cycle, benefits of quitting, coping strategies, review and refine quit plan, relaxation exercises.

Session Six: The New You - medication review, lifestyle changes to stay quit, weight management, tips for staying smoke-free, handling social situations.

Session Seven: Staying Off - medication review, physical activity, image of a non-smoker, assertive communication, celebration planning.

Session Eight: Celebration - medication review, carbon monoxide levels, celebrating change, challenge your thinking to manage stress, planning a smoke-free lifestyle, clean air for everyone, celebration!

Program fees

The cost of the program is covered by HAP (in most cases), and a payment plan is available for those without insurance or those whose insurance does not cover the cost of the program. There is a $20 fee for class materials for all participants, payable upon pre-registration. The cost of medications for tobacco treatment is additional; however, HAP will cover these costs for those with prescription benefits.

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