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Stay healthy and safe on your next trip

Preparing for international travel can be both exciting and nerve-racking. If this is your first time traveling abroad, you may have many questions, including what vaccines you need, what foods are safe to eat and if your health insurance has you covered overseas.

The Henry Ford International Travel Health Clinic can help you prepare for your trip. Our team of educated staff will customize a travel health plan around your health status, travel location and any activities you have planned so you can remain healthy as you travel.

Based on your destination, we'll provide details on potential health and safety risks (such as food and water safety as well as insect precautions). You will leave your clinic visit prepared and ready to start your international adventure.

Travel clinic services are paid out-of-pocket and can’t be billed to your insurance plan. Travel related services must be paid in full at your visit via cash, credit or check.


The Henry Ford International Travel Health Clinic is available at the following locations:

  • What can you expect at your appointment?

    A consultation is required at every appointment:

    • Travel consult for an individual: $98
    • Travel consult two people: $75 per person ($150 per pair)
    • Travel consult for three people: $75 per person ($225 per group)
    • Return travel visit: $49 per person
    *All prices are subject to change
  • Vaccines and Costs

    After your consultation you will learn about all of the services the Henry Ford International Travel Health Clinic provides to make your travel experience more safe and secure:

    • Immunizations for patients of all ages
    • Ensuring you have the proper medications with the proper dosages
    • Health counseling for travelers
    • A sophisticated computer system that provides up-to-date information about your travel destination

    At the Henry Ford International Travel Health Clinic we offer a number of vaccines, including:

    • Hepatitis A Vaccine -Adult – Fee: $99.00
    • Hepatitis A Vaccine - Ped/Adolescent-2 Dose – Fee: $64.00
    • Hepatitis A/B Vaccine – Adult – Fee: $124.00
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine – Adult – Fee: $89.00
    • Flu Vaccine – Fee: $25.00
    • Pneumococcal Vaccine – Fee: $144.00
    • Rabies Vaccine – Fee: $369.00
    • Typhoid Vaccine – Fee: $109.00
    • MMR Virus Immunization – Fee: $95.00
    • Polio Vaccine – Fee: $62.00
    • TD Vaccine – Fee: $71.00
    • TDAP Vaccine – Fee: $89.00
    • Chicken Pox Vaccine – Fee: $144.00
    • Yellow Fever Vaccine – Fee: $204.00
    • Meningococcal Vaccine – Fee: $169.00
    • Japanese Encephalitis – Fee: $314.00

    *Vaccine prices listed include a $29 vaccine administration charge. If more than one vaccine is administered, any additional vaccine will receive a discounted admin fee of $17.

  • Questions to Ask the Staff

    Traveling smart is a great way to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

    The Henry Ford International Travel Health Clinic provides information to questions such as:

    • What food and drink could be potentially harmful to you?
    • Where can you drink water safely in your travel spot?
    • How do you repel insects and prevent insect bites?
    • What do you do if you get sick overseas?
    • What are the environmental risks in your travel areas?
    •  What are your special medical needs when traveling? (i.e. diabetes, heart conditions)

Be Prepared for Healthy Traveling

Visit us 4-6 weeks before international travel. Call (248) 344-0723.

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