Voice Disorder Treatment

Losing your voice may seem like a minor annoyance. But when a voice disorder seriously affects your ability to communicate, our specialists have the expertise to restore your voice.

How we diagnose voice and vocal cord disorders

At Henry Ford Health’s Voice Laboratory, we offer the most advanced testing to diagnose voice and vocal cord disorders. If you experience hoarseness or other voice difficulties, we may recommend testing, such as:

  • Laryngoscopy: A laryngoscope is a small, lighted tube we insert through your nose and down into your throat. We can use this to see the vocal cords and look for problems.
  • Videostroboscopy: This high-tech tool uses strobe lights attached to a scope. It allows us to get a slow-motion view of how your vocal cords vibrate and function.

Vocal professionals count on Henry Ford
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How we treat voice and vocal cord disorders

Our laryngologists work closely with specialists from our speech pathology department to treat voice disorders. Together, we provide voice therapy individualized to each patient’s needs.

Our advanced treatment options also include:

  • Botox® injections: Botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections help relax vocal cords and reduce muscle spasms in the larynx. We use these injections to treat vocal cord paralysis and spasmodic dysphonia. The results are temporary, lasting about three to six months.
  • Lasers: We can treat vocal cord nodules, polyps and other growths using lasers. This minimally invasive approach means better results and faster recovery.
  • Surgery: When surgery is necessary, we use the most advanced techniques to effectively treat vocal cord conditions.

Take the next step

If you need a specialist’s care to treat voice or larynx disorders, we are here to help. Request an appointment today with one of our voice and larynx experts.


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