Care Everywhere

Now your health information can go where you are

Care Everywhere is a tool within Henry Ford Health System’s electronic medical record that allows doctors and other clinical staff to securely share patient records easily between other health care providers outside of Henry Ford Health System.

Your medical records can follow up while traveling and are electronically accessible in other doctor offices, hospitals or health agencies using the Care Everywhere feature. Our electronic medical record system is one of the most widely used medical record systems in the country which means many health care providers are using the Care Everywhere feature, allowing the care team to access your information in a matter of minutes when medically necessary.

Benefits of Care Everywhere

  1. Medical records are shared solely for the purpose of Continuity of Care.
  2. The medical records are shared immediately. This benefits you because there is no longer a need for you or a physician’s office to have to request your records and wait for someone to process the request and send the records, like this has been done traditionally. So really, the same thing is happening to collect your medical records, but much faster now.
  3. Allergies, Medications, and Problem Lists are continuously reconciled when updates are available, so having to remember any changes is a thing of the past.
  4. Since results are shared via Care Everywhere, this should reduce multiple tests having to be done. Clinical teams from different organizations can just review your most recent results, instead of having to request you having a test or procedure repeated.
  5. The overall purpose of Care Everywhere is to improve the quality of care we (at HFHS and other healthcare organizations) are providing our patients, which is the greatest benefit to you.

Privacy and security

It is important to HFHS to make you, the patient, aware of how this electronic advancement will benefit your care at HFHS and other healthcare organizations.

As permitted by HIPAA and Michigan State law, we may use or disclose your medical information without obtaining authorization from you to carry out treatment or any other reason detailed in the HFHS Notice of Privacy. You learn more and obtain a complete copy of the HFHS Notice of Privacy here.

Care Everywhere opt out

If you do not value your information being shared for your continuity of care, you may choose to opt out. To opt out, please submit your request in writing stating your Name, DOB, Address and MRN (if available) with a short statement saying that you wish to opt out of Care Everywhere.

Please send that request to the Privacy and Security office via email to [email protected]. If you have any other questions, please contact the Privacy and Security office.

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