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Creative Mindfulness With Art

The sessions are designed for people of all ages to participate and are guided by an Art Therapist. A new project will be offered every week. Topics covered will focus on self-awareness, support systems, gratitude, and reframing negative thoughts.

NOTE: If no participants join the call/class within 15 minutes after the start time, the call/class will end.

To assist you in the virtual sessions, you can print a template that relates to each week’s project here. Just click on the link below to view or print. 

4/21 and 4/22: Watercolor Resist
Supplies needed: paper, oil pastels or crayons, flat objects with texture, watercolor paint
Description: We will create rubbing textures on our paper and layer them with colors - then, we will use the watercolor paint to add more color and more layers. While working, imagine all the layers and textures in your life and how they coexist and compliment each other.

4/28 and 4/29: Next Best Step
Supplies needed: paper, pens, pencils, or markers
Description: Sometimes we have so many things going on it’s difficult to decide what to do next.. Let’s take one challenge and focus on the next best step. 

5/5 and 5/6: Watercolor Painting to Music
Supplies needed: paper, paint and brush
Description: We will create an abstract painting while listening to music and focus on being present and relaxing

5/12 and 5/13: Personal Compass
Supplies needed: paper, pens, pencils, or paint
Description: We will create a personal compass illustrating the directions we choose for the things that are important to us.

5/19 and 5/20: Abstract Art Association

Supplies needed: paper, pen for writing, markers or pencils
Description: do you ever think about what is going on in your subconscious? What is our brain trying to tell us… In this session, we will examine and describe an abstract image, then create a new image through a process of analyzing our own words. 

5/26: Positive Memories
Supplies needed: paper, pen, pencils, or markers
Description: We will take a few minutes to reflect on and describe a happy memory from this past year. Then, we will illustrate the memory to help reinforce the positive feedback.

6/2 and 6/3: Levels of Abstraction
Supplies needed: template, paper, markers, pencils, or paint, template
Description: Sometimes in order to focus, we need to remove the distracting details. In this session we will reduce an image to it’s abstract shapes. 

6/9 and 6/10: A Bridge to Joy
Supplies needed: paper, markers, pencils, or paint
Description: We will illustrate our idea of joy and create a bridge to get there. 

6/16 and 6/17: Ripples of water
Supplies needed: paper, watercolor paint, pen, marker, or pencil
Description: Today we will create a peaceful and relaxing image resembling ripples of water as a reminder to focus on our self-care.  

6/23 and 6/24: Beautiful Frustration
Supplies needed: paper, markers
Description: We will turn our frustration into something beautiful while letting go of what we cannot control. 

7/14: M.O.D. (Mantra of the Day)
Supplies needed: paper, pens, markers, or pencils, scissors, tape (optional)
Description: What reminder do you need most throughout the day? Choose your mantra of the day to carry with you as a personal reminder when you need it.

7/21: Web of Connections
Supplies needed: white paper, white crayon, watercolor paints, pen
Description: a colorful way to visualize our connections to others

7/28: Energy to Spend
Supplies needed: paper, pens, markers, or pencils, scissors, glue or tape
Description: Some days we have more energy than other days - if you had a set amount of energy to spend today, how would you spend it?

8/4: Found Poetry
Supplies needed: printed text, pencil, markers or pens
Description: In this session we will create a new poem or statement using a page torn from an old book (or printed from the available examples - Poetry A, Poetry B, Poetry C).

8/11: Boundaries

Supplies needed: paper, pens, markers, or pencils
Description: we all need boundaries to protect our space, energy, and time - what do your boundaries look like today?

8/18: What’s Below the Surface?
Supplies needed: paper, pens, markers, or pencils
Description: imagine you’re in open waters - on the surface is your boat - everyone can see this - what they can’t see is what is below the surface keeping your boat moving, keeping it afloat - what’s below the surface? What do you need below the surface?

8/25: Positive Strength
Supplies needed: paper, pens, markers, or pencils
Description: in this session we will visually represent the process of replacing a negative thought with a positive one in an effort to help us reframe our thoughts

The materials you should have ready for the classes are:

  • Paper- which may include any of the following: printer paper, drawing paper, old mail envelopes, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc.
  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue / glue stick
  • Magazine (to cut up for collage)
  • Pages from an old book (I can provide text to be printed at home for found poetry project)

All of the projects will be completed using items you probably already have on hand. We do not expect you to make large purchases for supplies. The Art Therapist will be able to assist you with modifications to the project with the materials you have.

*Classes are sponsored by Henry Ford C.A.R.E. Program and iCare4U ERG

Contact: C.A.R.E. Program


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