Operational Research

Henry Ford Transplant is committed to conducting comprehensive research that benefits all patients. We participate in multiple studies funded by National Institute of Health as well various pharmaceutical companies. In over 80 percent of our trials, we are one of the top three enrollers. Therefore, our physician researchers have extensive experience in the latest and the most effective immunosuppressive regimens and interventions to improve both short- and long-term transplant outcomes.

Current research includes:


A comprehensive and well-established clinical research program that conducts studies in various solid organ transplants recipients including kidney, liver, heart and lung.

Portable Devices

HFTI is a world leading site in testing devices that addresses the shortcomings of the current standard of care cold storage. This will help to address the disparity between the number of patients on the waiting list and the availability of transplant donors.

Immunological Testing

Utilizing advanced cell-free DNA technology by a simple blood draw to assess the risk of organ rejection. This will help identify undetected rejection that may lead to transplant graft loss.


Testing various immunosuppressive medications with potential decrease in patient side effects while maintaining efficacy. These studies include ones to induce tolerance in transplant recipients in hopes to eliminate the need for long-term immunosuppression.


Investigating multiple medications to help prevent common post-transplant infections.


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